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Andy Herren fans plan to cheer on 'Big Brother' finalist at Wednesday viewing party

While Andy Herren tries to win $500,000 in the “Big Brother” house in California, fans in Chicago will be cheering on the Lake View man at Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club during Wednesday’s finale.

The 90-minute final episode starts at 8:30 p.m. on WBBM-Channel 2. Viewing party organizers are asking people to arrive at Kit Kat, 3700 N. Halsted, by 8 p.m. The season 15 finale will be shown on giant wall screens and the club’s resident drag queen will perform during commercials, organizers said on Facebook.

Herren, who’s openly gay and was the subject of some homophobic slurs by a fellow contestant earlier this season, has made it to the final three, along with Spencer and GinaMarie. The trio will have lasted for 90 days in the house, where cameras record just about everything that’s said and done, 24/7.

The 26-year-old Aurora native who most recently worked as a part-time adjunct professor at College of DuPage has played a shrewd game — shedding a lot of a tears along the way. Herren has a way of making everyone feel like he’s their best friend, but he has no problem throwing them under the bus during the elimination vote.

Members of the “Big Brother” jury — composed of contestants eliminated earlier this season — will pick the winner during Wednesday’s live episode. Herren appears to have at least one person on his side on the jury: fellow Chicagoan Helen Kim. The Lincoln Park mom said on Thursday’s episode that she respects the way he’s played the game.