Good news Bears fans: Those tickets are golden

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After yesterday’s graphic outlining the steep price of attending an NFL game, we decided to dig a little deeper into the economics of an NFL game. If you’ve ever bought tickets from a broker, you know there’s a huge markup. But exactly how big is it? One summer, I managed to go to 25 Cubs games, which didn’t cost me a dime, because for every game I went to, I bought twice as many tickets and sold the other half directly to a broker. It was a quick flip that easily paid for my ticket, brews, Hebrew Nationals and parking.There’s also some serious money to be made off the NFL’s back. A ticket to Sunday’s Bears game against the Vikings has the second-highest resale value at $386 (a 272 percent markup over the average face value price). A ticket to see Seattle play the 49ers will set you back an average of $546 (a 667 percent markup over the average face value price). Shockingly, that’s not the most expensive sports ticket to be had this weekend. For those looking to score a seat to see Texas A&M host Alabama, that’s a cool $700.

Here’s a breakdown of every NFL game this weekend.

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