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Beer pancakes and profane cookbooks get their Kickstarters

Each week Grid rounds up the most conspicuous Chicago projects on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site that connects everyday inventors with everyday investors. You may say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or perhaps, “Good luck with that.” But we’re not here to judge — it’s your money.


Pretty Wicked Beer Pancake and Waffle Mix

Anna Jurik knows her way around a kitchen, and Kickstarter. She’s used the site to fund different flavors of her organic, vegan mixes, which make 24 big pancakes (or even more adorable ebelskiver) with just the addition of a 12-ounce beer. Side note: She’s also published a cookbook of desserts you and your dog can eat together. Best friends? Seeking: $1,300 by Oct. 18.


Bronzeville Legends Identity Initiative

A movement is afoot to turn the South Side neighborhood’s rich African-American history into economic development. The Bronzeville Legends project would put massive photo murals of residents like Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters and Nat King Cole on the side of buildings. The first, of activist Ida B. Wells, is set to go up Nov. 1 at 43rd and King Drive. Raised so far: $510, or 8 percent of its goal.


‘Carve the Turkey, B@tches!’ cookbook

An aggressive collection of holiday recipes from the author of “Get in the Kitchen, Bit@hes!” which is a real thing that we’re just learning about. Days to go: 10 to raise $2,500.