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Model for Daley Plaza Picasso sculpture to be auctioned for millions

If a mere sheet metal model for the towering iron Picasso sculpture (dubbed “Tete”) that has stood in Daley Plaza since August of 1967 is valued at between $25 million and $35 million, what’s the real McCoy worth?

One of the models for Tete by Pablo Picasso, via Christie’s Images Ltd.

Not that it matters. The only one you can buy — if you’re a hedge fund honcho or perhaps a celebrated manufacturer of incredibly pure methamphetamine — is the model.

One of two created by the legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso between 1962 and 1964, it’s the most valuable of 30 pieces going up for auction Nov. 4 and 5 at Christie’s in New York as part of “A Dialogue Through Art: Works from the Jan Krugier Collection.”

If you’re interested in bidding, book a flight soon to save on airfare. Better yet, just take the G650.