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VIDEO: Blackhawks' Brandon Bollig can’t duplicate Patrick Kane’s stickhandling feat


The video Bauer released nearly two weeks ago of Patrick Kane moving a puck through an increasing number of pucks without touching any of them has surpassed 2.2 million views.

It’s unlikely Brandon Bollig’s stickhandling display will get nearly as many.

The Hawks’ tough guy approached the team’s PR staff about doing the same tricks after seeing Kane’s video. Bollig starts out well in the easiest challenge, but he loses the puck after about 10 seconds. As the tricks get tougher, Bollig is immediately out of his depth. At one point, he loses track of the puck he started with and switches to another.

And though Bollig performs snow angels at the end, he refuted an assertion on Twitter that he was faking it.

“100% real,” Bollig tweeted.