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Book your own salon appointment with this site

When business owners are in need, Grid is there indeed. Well, at least a problem-solving app is. We track down the tools business owners need to keep things running smooth in App-ologist.

The problem: Groupons and other steep discounts are luring waves of customers away from their trusted hairdressers.

The solution: Jon-David (like Pele, Bono and Madonna, he only needs one name), a stylist and social media personality, was doing some research when he signed up with StyleSeat. Along the way, the veteran stylist landed a couple of new clients. The app lets beauty and wellness pros create a profile, portfolio and offer specials, and it enables clients to book appointments online.

The savings: Jon-David says booking apps could never replace the receptionists who handle calls to Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa, where he works. However, StyleSeat’s social media tools help cut advertising costs. And he’s hopeful that as clients become more comfortable with DIY booking, they’ll help fill the holes in a stylist’s day.