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Cameron Diaz rumored to be dating Benicio Del Toro

Word has it, Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro and Cameron Diaz are a new item. First reported by London’s Daily Mail, the two stars were most recently spotted carefully arriving separately at the opening of a new New York restaurant.

There certainly would not be any problem with the two hooking up — both Del Toro and Diaz are completely single. The actress famously split with controversial and now-suspended Yankee star Alex Rodriguez in 2011. Del Toro has fathered a daughter Delilah,now age 2, with Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly. However, that resulted from a very brief fling, and the actor’s publicist made clear in 2011 that the two were not dating at the time of the little girl’s birth.

†A source close to Diaz said Monday, “This is the way Cameron likes to live her life. I seriously doubt she will ever marry. She is a beautiful, smart and funny woman. She’s very secure with who she is. She loves exciting, intelligent and dynamic men — and I’m sure she will continue to date them for many years to come. … She sees no reason not to live her life this way.”