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1 Whole TIF (and then some)

The city has pledged $10 million in TIF funds to help build a new Whole Foods in Englewood. But the proposed site’s TIF district only has $4.8 million on hand. Get ready for some municipal-finance gymnastics. [Sun-Times]

2 Jobless claims drop

The labor market is gaining strength. Unemployment claims dropped more than expected last week, and businesses are cutting fewer jobs, according to Labor Department data just released. [Bloomberg]

3 Eataly signs up for salami

Eataly, the giant Italian food court coming to River North in November, is lining up its local food purveyors. First in: West Loop Salumi, the city’s only USDA-certified salumeria (which is a place where they make salami). [Grid]

4 Still at it

The city council approved the Cubs’ $500 million renovation plan in July, but the team and its neighbors are still bickering over the details. The latest spat: Ald. Tom Tunney objects to building a massive deck over Waveland Ave. — an idea originally proposed by the rooftop owners. [Sun-Times]

5 Tangled web

The city’s chief financial officer, Lois Scott, had close ties to Amer Ahmad, the former Chicago comptroller under indictment on corruption charges in Ohio. [Tribune]

6 Like a powerful neighbor

State Farm, which insures one of every three drivers in Illinois, is raising rates by 3-4 percent. [Crain’s]

7 New Archdiocese allegations

Another former Catholic school student has sued the Archdiocese of Chicago, claiming he was molested 10 years ago by convicted ex-priest Daniel McCormack. [Sun-Times]

8 Expanding acreage

Half Acre, the North Center brewer that helped kick off the city’s craft-brewing boom, plans to add a restaurant next to its tap room, Grid’s Madeline Skaggs has learned. [Grid]