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Shedd baby rockhopper penguin named Ruggles

The Shedd Aquarium announced Tuesday the name of its newest female rockhopper penguin chick is Ruggles.

Ruggles, the Shedd’s newest rockhopper penguin.

Ruggles hatched June 12, 2013, to parents Drake and Magdalena, according to a statement from Shedd. She weighed only 75 grams at birth, but now weighs 4.9 pounds.

Shedd members were offered the chance to vote on the chick’s name, and “Ruggles” won out over Gypsy, Lennox, Dawson and Marta.

The name refers to Ruggles Bay and the facing Ruggles Island in the Falklands, native habitat of rockhopper penguins, according to Shedd.

Rockhopper penguins are listed as “vulnerable” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature due to disease and warming ocean temperatures.