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AT&T to launch HD Voice in Chicago area

AT&T Corp. will make HD Voice service available in the Chicago area beginning May 23.

Users can expect clearer conversations with less background noise from the Voice Over LTE network, AT&T said Thursday. And HD Voice customers will be able to simultaneously talk while surfing the Web, the company says.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be the first handset to make use of AT&T’s HD Voice, with more handsets to come.

HD Voice initially will be available in select areas of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Expansion will come on a market-by-market basis, the company says.

To get the full benefits of HD Voice, customers on both ends of call will need to be using enable devices and be in areas where the service is available.

CNet writes T-Mobile has been touting HD Voice for more than a year and Sprint has been especially aggressive on HD Voice, announcing in March that it plans to launch HD Voice nationwide this summer.