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Buzz building over next Motorola phone

Will it be a budget-priced smartphone for the masses? Maybe a premium-priced handset aimed at the other end of the market?

Motorola Mobility is generating lots of buzz about its next handset, which is likely to be unveiled May 13 in London. The company, which Google sold to Lenovo for nearly $3 billion, sent invitations this week to an event in London.

Most watchers expect Motorola to bring out a lower-priced phone (rumored to be named Moto E) or an updated Moto G. Then a blogger found a link to a Motorola page set up for a Moto X-1, a successor to the Moto X that’s expected later this year. So far, the link goes to a blank page.

If the company lives up to its history, it will likely also offer an interesting new design take on the smartphone.

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