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Chuck E. Cheese's goes virtual with Oculus Rift

Chuck E. Cheese’s is testing the virtual reality Oculus Rift technology in the Ticket Blaster. The headsets debuted today in Dallas and will show up in San Diego and Orlando, Fla., later this month.

“Kids today have unprecedented access to game consoles and tablets,” said Roger Cardinale, president, CEC Entertainment Inc. “Our challenge is to deliver an experience not available at home, and there is no doubt virtual reality does just that. Oculus Rift technology is the next frontier in the gaming industry, and we’re thrilled to be able to say it’s part of the Chuck E. Cheese’s lineup.”

Birthday parties booked during the six-week test in the three markets will offer the Birthday Star a turn in the virtual Ticket Blaster. The headset uses 360-degree head-tracking technology and features a 3D view so users feel as though they are inside the Ticket Blaster with Chuck E.

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h/t The Verge