Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel at Chicago Ideas Week in June 2014. | Al Podgorsi/Sun-Times Media

Sneed: Hillary may want Rahm for presidential cabinet

SHARE Sneed: Hillary may want Rahm for presidential cabinet
SHARE Sneed: Hillary may want Rahm for presidential cabinet

Hillaryville . . .

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is expected to announce her candidacy for president within the next few weeks, is not only this/close to Mayor Rahm Emanuel — but if she’s elected, it’s expected the Rahmster would become a member of her cabinet.

Be still my tongue.

Hillaryville II . . .

Food for thought: Will mocha cake become a staple at the White House if Hillary moves in again?

• To wit: During the Monica Lewinsky/President Bill Clinton affair imbroglio when Hillary was first lady, many, many, many mocha cakes were baked for her, according to a new book out by Bloomberg News reporterKate Andersen Brower called “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.”

Politico published some tidbits from the book, claiming Hillary’s favorite dessert was mocha cake, and pastry Chef Roland Mesnier said during the Lewinsky kerfuffle “I made many, many mocha cakes. You better believe it.”

• Quoth the book: “In the late afternoons, Hillary would call the Pastry Shop. In a small, unassuming voice — a far cry from her usual strong, self-confident tone —she’d ask, ‘Roland, can I have a mocha caketonight?’ ”

• Natch: The book claims President Clinton slept on a sofa in a private study attached to the couple’s White House bedroom for a few months in 1998.

Wing the waffles!

Haul in the dog bed! Memo to critics of the Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desire to gussy up the decaying governor’s mansion in Springfield with private funds.

• The fact: The first couple is not focusing on updating their out-of-date private living quarters . . . although a dog bed has been added.

• The fumble: Although the decaying roof, sagging staircase, broken elevator and fraying public rooms where state dinners are held are the focus — the state-of-the-art waffle iron recently installed in the aging kitchen was not the Rauners’ idea.

The frustration: GOP legislators are expressing their disappointment that recent mansion dinners have shown no sign of the 90-plus-rated bottles of wine Rauner stuffed in gift bags at his pre-inaugural gala – or wines from his $100,000 wine club.

Advice & consent . . .

David Axelrod, former White House political strategist and one of the Rahmster’s best friends,has actually been by his buddy’s side in a campaign advisory capacity following the end of his book tour two weeks ago.

• Advice to Rahm: Keep calm.

• Consent from Rahm: With clenched teeth.

I spy . . .

Legendary Cub Ernie Banks’ twin sons Joey and Jerry Banks stopped by Harry Caray’s on Kinzie for dinner on Saturday, ahead of their first pitches at the Cubs’ opening night at Wrigley Field Sunday . . .MondaynightRandal Grichuk, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, dined at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch in Water Tower Place and watched the NCAA final game . . . and the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler had dinner with his family at Harry Caray’s in River North Monday.

Puff plus . . .

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, in town filming for his web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” got coffee with Steve Harvey at Manny’s DeliMonday. Seinfeld isn’t keeping kosher for Passover – he got a sandwich on rye.

Harvey and Seinfeld also stopped by cigar bar Biggs Mansion, where Harvey is a member. They checked out Harvey’s private humidor locker, where he keeps his favorite Aviator cigars.

Sneedlings . . .

Congratulations to Sun-Times entertainment editor Darel Jevens and wife, Mary Ann, on the birth of Pearl Frances Jevens, born Monday night . . . Wednesday’s birthdays: Taylor Kitsch, 34; Patricia Arquette, 47, and Robin Wright, 49.

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