NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Jurors at Bill Cosby’s suburban Philadelphia sexual-assault trial don’t know if they’ll hear from him in person when the defense starts presenting its case Monday.

The jurors have heard accuser Andrea Constand’s side of the story. They’ve heard Cosby’s version in the form of his police statement and his lurid deposition in her 2005 lawsuit.

Cosby’s spokesman says maybe he’ll testify. His lawyers are staying mum.

Experts say the actor and storyteller could charm the jury but the risk would be considerable.

Duquesne University School of Law professor Wes Oliver says Cosby is a “very good actor.” But he says Cosby could open the door to a lot of cross-examination about other women the defense fought to keep out.

Constand says Cosby drugged and molested her. Cosby says any contact was consensual.