I was born in Chicago and later figured I would spend my whole life there. Recently, I changed my mind and relocated from the city I loved.

Why did I move?

This state has a de jure governor and a de facto one: one elected to that position and another who assumed that position based upon political power. Cook County has a president who replaced a totally inept political hack and turned into a political hack herself. The city of Chicago has a mayor that believes his values are the values of the city’s residents. The common thread of each of these individuals is the use of political power to tax and spend and thus expand their political power.

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Not one of these individuals even considered cost concerns in their administrations. The result has been mass exits from the state, county and city. Illinois, Cook County and Chicago have become service industry havens while higher paying industries have fled each jurisdiction.

I am sorry I didn’t move out of state. I might yet.

John Culloton, West Chicago

Pulling one over on the American voter

How dumb are we, the American voter? Frankly there is ample proof that the Trump family’s belief that we are actually quite stupid just may be correct after all.

For starters, the patriarch did win the presidency. But beyond that how do you explain that regardless of all the controversy and the highly questionable actions of the First Family, their negative poll numbers have hardly budged since the election?

They actually believe that they can tell us anything and we’ll blindly buy whatever they’re selling. For instance, Donald Jr. meets with Russians and we are led to believe they are talking about adopting babies. Donald Sr. meets with Putin and we are told they are about to become a new age version of Batman and Robin, fighting cyberspace bullies. Really?

Shame on any one of us who accepts the word of a Trump as gospel and shame on the Trumps for abusing the credibility of The White House to further their own agenda and reap financial reward.

Bob Ory, Elgin