Columnist Neil Steinberg’s thoughts were so articulate that they will no doubt be poorly received by many locals who still believe Mike Ditka is some kind of hero (“Mike Ditka is not a Chicagoan” — Oct. 10).

It was encouraging to see a writer of your status, Neil, finally broach a subject that has puzzled me for many years and that is: When will decent people finally turn away from him? I have asked the Sun-Times more than once why a well-respected newspaper continues to give him a platform to spew his ignorance.

Keep fighting the good fight.

John Schow, Near North Side

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Kneeling doesn’t disrespect flag

When are (predominantly) white people going to understand that athletes “taking a knee” isn’t about the flag (“The NFL’s power structure on full display” — Oct. 11)? And, explain to me how engaging in an activity that the flag represents is disrespectful to the flag?

Larry Meinen, Park Ridge

Guns trample our rights to life, liberty

After every mass shooting, we hear non-stop talk about gun rights. Loud voices cite the Second Amendment for the right to have a gun.

What isn’t talked about is the rights of all those dead people who were assaulted by the one with the gun. And there are many; we suffer around 30,000 deaths per year from guns. But the ones gunned down also have constitutional rights — the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When will this country honor those rights?

Lee Knohl, Evanston

Forget kneeling. Find new way to protest

Kneeling during the anthem has nothing to do with disrespecting our country, flag or anthem. These are players making a statement against police brutality against blacks. Players just picked the wrong time to make their statement. Why not have all who are opposed to the police issue contribute to buy time on TV and state their side?  It would then be clear to all what they are opposing but please stand up to honor your country, flag and anthem.

Gloria Tomczak, Hickory Hills