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Jesse Jackson Jr. gets prison visit from Pastor Rick Warren

WASHINGTON — Saddleback mega-church Pastor Rick Warren visited former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. at his North Carolina prison on Friday, according to a release from a publicist representing one of Jackson’s lawyers.

Jackson is serving a 30-month sentence at the Butner Federal Correctional Facility, with the possibility of having 54 days shaved off his sentence for good behavior. Warren and Associate Pastor Anthony Miller from Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. visited Jackson according to a release.

“This is a private moment and we just want to love on him and pray with him,” Reverend Warren said in a statement. It is not clear why a press release was issued if indeed the pastor wanted a “private moment” with Jackson.

Atlanta attorney CK Hoffler has announced she is “facilitating” Jackson visits. She said in the statement the pastors “reported that the Congressman was in good spirits all things considered. He continues to regret all of the pain, shame and embarrassment that he has caused his family, his constituents and his friends but has begun the process of repaying his debt to society.”