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'Arrogant' Oberweis in Florida days before U.S. Senate primary

U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Oberweis’ opponent on Tuesday called the dairy magnate an “arrogant” “timid snowbird” for skipping out on debates and heading to Florida less than a week before the Illinois primary.

Oberweis’ Republican primary opponent, West Point grad and Army veteran Doug Truax, said Oberweis, a state senator from Oswego, was disrespecting voters by leaving the state just before Tuesday’s primary.

“I have said from the beginning of the primary that Jim Oberweis is the wrong guy to take on Dick Durbin and he just demonstrated why,” said Truax. “We need a warrior to take on (Dick) Durbin, not a timid snowbird.”

A press release from Truax called on Oberweis to “quit lounging in his Florida house and come back to Illinois to face voters.”

The winner of the contest will face U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., in the general election.