Take my joke, please ...

It’s probably safe to say that wife jokes are rare in campaign debates.

Rarer still when the punchline is that a rival’s wife hasn’t yet hit puberty.

But state Treasurer Dan Rutherford went there in Thursday night’s debate on WTTW-Channel 11.

Moderator Phil Ponce asked the four Republican gubernatorial candidates to name the “biggest splurge purchase I ever made.”

“I bought my wife a car,” state Sen. Bill Brady offered.

Ponce asked what kind.

“It was a red Porsche convertible.”

“Wow,” a surprised Rutherford said, turning to Brady.

Trying to minimize the opulence of the gift, Brady said: “It was ten years old.”

“Your wife?” Rutherford asked.

Being in last place does offer a certain freedom.

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