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Mailer compares Jeanne Ives to leprechaun, Easter Bunny

We’ll chalk this up as one of the most creative mailers to go out to voters.

One that has gone out criticizing state Rep. Jeanne Ives compares her to a leprechaun and the Easter bunny, because she hasn’t passed any laws, just like … a leprechaun and the Easter Bunny.

Photo via Capitol Fax

Bonus points for creativity, but we’re going to have to knock them for the Photoshop job. The skin tones just don’t match up.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time a politician has been compared to a leprechaun.

A few years ago, the SouthtownStar turned Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a leprechaun and ran him on the front page:

h/t: Capitol Fax