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Jon Stewart issues #mcconnelling mashup challenge

Jon Stewart likes to have fun at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s expense. A lot.

With an impersonation set somewhere between Foghorn Leghorn and Forrest Gump, The Daily Show host calls the Republican senator to task – often, of late.

But Thursday night’s episode offered a new wrinkle: a crowdsourced video mashup challenge. McConnell’s camp released an odd, 2- minute video with no words, numerous quick scenes of the senator at work and in daily life, set to a plinky, technoesque soundtrack. Stewart says TDS staff and he spent a large portion of the day experimenting with news songs for the video, “anything with eyes works.”

He challeneged viewers to come up with their own versions in the next week, while the show is on spring break hiatus, and post them with the #mcconnelling hashtag. There are already a few samples: