There Is Only One Real Professional Make-up Maker

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The world of fashion is an intrinsic part of our lifestyle. To be successful, to be accepted in society, and for our own well-being, most of us like to look good. Whether it be in sports, our jobs, or when we’re together with friends for an evening out, our appearance is something we greatly value. Many fashion labels cater to our wishes. Just wearing a nice dress alone will not do it. The proper hair style is also a critical element. Famous hair stylists help to create designs and the industry provides a sheer endless range of hair colors.

But what is a new look without the right make-up?

Make-up Artists are constantly observing global fashion trends to create the right looks to accompany them. Many make-up artists have experience working with celebrities and actors, therefore the consumer and make-up fans can benefit from their knowledge.

The make-up artist also needs the right tools and products to satisfy their clients.

Here is where Kryolan comes in; although, not that well known with consumers, Kryolan is a specially designed make-up brand with long tradition and experience. Back in 1945, almost 75 years ago, Kryolan started as a theatrical make-up manufacturer in the German capital of Berlin and today Kryolan is a global key player serving customers in 90 countries around the globe, with its own subsidiaries in the USA, England, India, South Africa, Poland and Brazil.

Kryolan is not just a brand; Kryolan is a manufacturer of some of the finest make-up products available, the motto “Make-up is a Science” is a term that reflects dedication and seriousness in the production and the craft. Scientists constantly work in corporate laboratories to offer new effects, sophisticated make-up products for make-up artists and the make-up lover. A wide range of products including innovative foundations, modern lip colors and intense eye shadows offer everything you could ever need. The variety of different shades will satisfy every make-up fan of any background, regardless of ethnicity.

Professional make-up artists also enjoy the huge selection of products and colors that will help to satisfy their clients and customers.

But Kryolan offers even more.

In their 75-year history, the company has never conducted any animal testing. Instead, all products have always been tested by dermatologists in dermatological clinics on voluntary patients. All products sold in the USA are made either in Berlin, Germany or in the California manufacturing plant, located near San Francisco.

Since 2011, Kryolan has had a make-up store in Chicago with professional make-up artists on staff to help clients choose the right products for themselves. For those who want to know more about the use and application of make-up, the Kryolan Shop in Chicago offers workshops and seminars frequently.

The staff at Kryolan Profession Make-up at 2034 N. Halsted would be very happy to welcome you to the Kryolan world of make-up.

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