Beat the Champs: Section 2, Suburbanite Bowl

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The Section 2 sectional of Beat the Champions was Saturday at Suburbanite Bowl in Westmont.Credit: Dale Bowman

Malika Manouzi is a quick study.

In her first year bowling, she rolled the women’s top score Saturday at the Section 2 sectional of the 55th Beat the Champions at Suburbanite Bowl in Westmont. The physical education coach at Morton East High School totaled 765 with 191 in handicap.

In BTC, bowlers who average below 210 receive 90 percent of the difference as handicap.

Joseph Kwiecinski topped the men’s side with an 834, which included 180 pins of handicap.

Manouzi, who advanced out Striker Lanes, rolled games of 211, 193 and 170.

“I really practiced the last week, one time came by here,’’ she said. “I was watching and making adjustments. Watching how the ball moved and where they stood. I stayed mainly in the middle. I didn’t adjust fast enough in the last game.’’

This was a bonus trip for Manouzi, who is the assistant girls bowling coach for Morton. She only advanced from the Friday night mixed league as an alternate, actually the third one.

Kwiecinski, a forklift operator from Plainfield, is also bowling for the first time, filling in the Friday Night Invitational at Rolling Lanes.

“I liked the lanes,’’ he said.

Indeed, with games of 246, 197 and 211.

The big numbers that matter in BTC is for charity. In the first 54 years the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association cosponsored BTC, more than 5.7 million entries from league bowlers raised more than $2.7 million.

A familiar face reached the finals. Jason Wojnar, the 2007 men’s champion, again reached the finals. In the finals, both the women’s winner (Lan-Oak Lanes, March 6) and men’s (Elk Grove Bowl, March 13) is a Ford Focus from the Chicagoland Ford Dealers.

Other men advancing were Brandon Dudley, Ron Nuccio, Chris Hammock, Daniel Hernandez and Steve Urban.

Other women advancing Shawna Myrick, LeKetha Adams, Deborah Harris, Terri Niersbach, Genevieve Schwabe and Charity Musial.

* * *

Section 2 sectional

Suburbanite Bowl, Westmont

(Seven women and seven men advance, pending verification)

Saturday’s results


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Joseph Kwiecinski, Rolling 246-197-211-180–834

Brandon Dudley, Rolling 277-254-234-24–789

Ron Nuccio, River Grove 193-203-225-153–774

Chris Hammock, Willowbrook 222-275-183-78–758

Jason Wojnar, Stardust 248-278-211-0–737

Daniel Hernandez, Willowbrook 203-201-227-81–712

Steve Urban, Willowbrook 234-209-167-102–712

Robert Caron, Stardust 268-206-168-67–709

Kyle Johnson, Forest 264-211-231-0–706

Adam Johnson Stardust 222-222-254-0–698

Bobby Nunn, Town Hall 258-185-178-70–691

Mike Bien, Elk Grove 155-230-234-64–683

Nick Bezinivich, Circle 190-235-255-0–680

Bill Auxier, Wood Dale 191-273-216-0–680

Huron Dukes Jr., Town Hall 171-184-138-178–671

Brandon Gerdzunas, Stardust 269-160-211-29–669

Tim Mader, River Grove 166-199-266-37–668

Larry Cekal Jr., Rolling 179-196-165-126–666

Art King, Rolling 232-199-180-54–665

Mike Rimkavich, Willowbrook 279-146-246-0–662

Brian Georges, Town Hall 151-178-212-113–654

Jeremy Pullen, Forest 240-196-192-24–652

Adam Barrick, Striker 155-205-225-67–652

Jeff Bickford, Willowbrook 215-246-134-54–649

Dwayne Delane, Hillside 183-205-162-97–647

Russell Butler, Forest 163-182-160-140-645

Gary Kruetzer, Elk Grove 204-210-224-5–643

Gary Goldberg, Hillside 180-187-175-99–641

John Ingoglia, Striker 179-205-141-116–641

James Nitanda, River Grove 189-223-192-37–641

William Wilson, Town Hall 164-168-196-113–641

John Rycraft, Woodridge 247-216-175-2–640

Eric Stampley, Circle 149-153-243-91–636

Anthony Monroe, Hillside 191-169-184-89–633

Jeremy Bright, Town Hall 179-239-206-0–624

Charlie Enright, Stardust 222-198-204-0–624

Stephen Mroz, Forest 223-211-186-0–620

David Bennett, Woodridge 189-214-192-24–619

McKinley Cummins, Hillside 170-178-119-151–618

Ray Heniff, Stardust 168-180-194-72–614

Michael Kingston, Striker 214-192-173-35–614

Peter Incandela, River Grove 121-103-198-611

Raymond Jones, River Grove 150-153-172-135–610

Mike Huston, Stardust 189-167-115-135–606

Keith Korinek, Elk Grove 157-201-188-59–605

Todd Stefanowski, Suburbanite 163-197-175-70–605

Paul McFeely, Forest 120-192-179-140–601

Anthony Walton, Wood Dale 223-179-197-0–599

Carl Glenn, Hillside 214-162-157-64–597

Nick Fay, Wood Dale 172-233-183-8–596

Mike Luchetta, Suburbanite 168-161-136-129–594

Brian Bork, Elk Grove 202-165-145-78–590

Chris Spera, Suburbanite 166-157-161-105–589

Brian Chladek, Rolling 158-143-193-91–585

John Baggett, Town Hall 197-170-203-13–583

Mario Ybarra, Striker 197-169-172-37–575

Ricardo Ortiz, Forest 168-256-150-99–573

Eric Ferba, Hillside 100-142-176-151–569

Bob Rauch, Suburbanite 157-148-149-110–564

Arthur Tripp, River Grove 184-147-141-3–555

Clarence Lipscomb, Town Hall 112-175-129-135–551

Walter Kerlin, Circle 115-89-151-189–544

Pat Schuler, Rolling 117-98-139-189–543

Anthony Sokolowski, Stardust 155-156-186-32–529

Jon Carpenter, Stardust 153-171-155-35–514

James Kraushaar, Wood Dale 162-188-161-0–511

Sean Gillie, Forest 167-171-133-32–503


Malika Manouzi, Striker 211-193-170-191–765

Shawna Myrick, Hillside 242-204-221-89–756

Leketha Adams, Hillside 186-202-279-64–731

Deborah Harris, Forest 179-166-163-202–710

Terri Niersbach, Forest 207-279-190–29–705

Genevieve Schwabe, Rolling 170-166-177-189–702

Charity Musial, Stardust 209-225-226-35–695

Arianna Bulthuis, Rolling 287-181-183-32–683

Trinette White, Hillside 128-181-160-210–679

Renita Banks, Hillside 243-211-158-62–674

Cynthia McCullought, Town Hall 135-186-185-167–673

Marge Thomka, Wood Dale 147-177-133-213–670

Rosario Ornelas, Striker 142-186-188-151–667

Antionette Buchanan, Town Hall 206-181-191-83–661

Reba Hervas, Elk Grove 162-137-210-148–657

Terri Mendoza, Hillside 184-211-162-99–656

Kris Hammerle, Stardust 156-172-151-172–651

Sandra Anthony, Circle 145-156-140-210–651

Roberta hall, Rolling 181-209-197-59–646

Lisa Page, Suburbanite 171-214-125-126–636

Nancy Appleyard, Rolling 181-154-200-97–632

Karen Lafollette, Tivoli 156-187-146-143–632

Monika Stanek, Forest 146-140-117-229–632

Linda Haarmans, Rolling 193-198-160-78–629

Jean Held, Rolling 147-159-143-180–629

Rocio Pavlinek, Forest 164-128-154-183–629

Ledell Barton, Forest 148-156-170-148–622

Julie Beesley, Elk Grove 215-113-146-148–622

Nancy Rodriguez, Stardust 148-126-175-170–619

Alexine Ventura, Town Hall 144-173-123-178–618

Ginger Barton, Wood Dale 212-188-169-45–614

Joyce Strzelczyk, Forest 203-224-150-37–614

Nancy Brusca, Suburbanite 141-157-121-194–613

Daisy Arehart, Suburbanite 117-161-140-191–609

Holly Cozzo, River Grove 157-130-185-135–607

Frieda Shaw, Town Hall 198-176-157-75–606

Stacy Huetter, Elk Grove 136-124-123-216–599

Laurel Muhammad, Town Hall 116-141-115-226–598

Linda Shankie, River Grove 131-152-109-199–591

Lucille Couloimbe, Striker 151-178-159-97–585

Meshell Taylor, Hillside 164-159-181-78–582

Joyce Stone, Rolling 137-183-159-97–576

Michelle Cox, Willowbrook 111-106-114-243–574

Carrie Jackson, Town Hall 98-132-100-243–573

Faye Rochelle, Forest 111-149-135-175–570

Vivian Hernandez, River Grove 146-134-125-162–567

Jeanne Mroczka, Willowbrook 138-202-146-72–558

Jen Medon, Willowbrook 180-197-180-0–557

Kathy Varner, Circle 110-109-143-183–545

Rebecca Hess, River Grove 85-103-134-216–538

Bonnie Wingert, Suburbanite 84-103-129-216–529

Gail Atkins, Wood Dale 82-113-88-243–526

Bev Biagi, Circle 88-89-97-243–517

Alexis Smith, Town Hall 144-179-178-0–502

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