Cody Parkey’s 40-yard missed field came on a “tough day to kick” Sunday at windy Solider Field, special teams coordinator Chris Tabor said.

“I think it would be a little bit like if you were going to golf at the British Open,” he said. “Some days it’s going to be nice out there and other days you get out on the tee box and the wind is blowing all over the place and you just have to play what the conditions are that day.

“That’s where he’s really strong. He’s mentally — he doesn’t overthink things. …. It’s just you have to trust your line, hit a good ball, make good contact and then, what Mother Nature does with it, you have to live with.”

He said Parkey, who has missed three field goals this season, has rebounded well from misses. He’s followed each miss with a perfect game the next week.

“We got to eliminate those things and it’s going to get tougher and tougher to kick with the wind,” he said. “But he can do it and I got a lot of confidence in him.”