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Bears’ John Fox: Matt Barkley not only one to blame for 5 picks

John Fox refused to blame Matt Barkley squarely for his five interceptions Saturday.

“I think the details of some of those pass plays, whether it’s receiver depths, pass protection, a quarterback’s reads, where they start and where they finish – that’s kind of been our demise all season,” he said Monday. “I think with the number of guys you roll through the starting lineup.

“So it was more detail-oriented, and that in turn affects your execution. Those would be things we’d have to work on for sure, as football team and not just one position.”

Fox hesitates to single out players in public — though Barkley himself admitted he tried to do too much in the Redskins loss.

Matt Barkley threw five interceptions Saturday. (Getty Images)

When the Bears watched film Monday, they saw routes that weren’t run at the right depth, receiver Cam Meredith said. On a fade route, Meredith said, Barkley expected the receiver to make a different adjustment, given the cornerback’s positioning.

“Those type of things will throw a quarterback-receiver timing off … ” he said. “Those are little things that prevent us from winning.”