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Cubs’ Willson Contreras defends Jose Quintana after criticism: ‘He’s a Ferrari’

Willson Contreras defended Jose Quintana after David Kaplan compared him to a "Buick." | Jon Durr/Getty Images

Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has his pitcher’s back.

On Friday afternoon, Contreras came to the defense of left-hander Jose Quintana after sportscaster David Kaplan criticized the pitcher in a column.

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Cubs and White Sox blockbuster trade that sent Quintana to the North Side and Eloy Jimenez to the White Sox, Kaplan claimed the Cubs paid for a “Mercedes” with the trade, but ended up with a “Buick.”

Basically, Kaplan doesn’t believe Quintana, who is 8-6 with a 3.96 ERA this season, is living up to his high expectations — especially since the Cubs gave up a prized hitting prospect for him last season.

The local sports station published Kaplan’s comments on its Instagram to start a conversation and get fan reaction. But the post got the attention of Contreras, who said Kaplan had it all wrong.

“Many people like to talk trash, but 100 percent of trash talkers are unable to do what Quintana can do,” Contreras wrote in a comment directed to NBC Sports Chicago. “For me, Quintana is not a Mercedes, he is a Ferrari because every time that (sic) he goes the mount to pitch [he] does with the heart and with the desire to give the team W.”

No word from Kap’s camp if he’s seen the comment yet, but you have to admire Contreras for being a team player.