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Joe Maddon knows about the Cubs bullpen game and doesn’t care

Saying Joe Maddon is a “players manager” is like saying the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in a little bit.

Earlier this week, a story about a game the Cubs bullpen plays broke. The players in the bullpen play a game of chicken with foul balls seeing who can stay still the longest as the ball comes toward them.

In a season where keeping everyone healthy and ready is of the utmost importance, the bullpen is playing a risky game.

Maddon was on the “Spiegel & Goff Show” on WSCR 670 Tuesday and was asked about the game, specifically a foul ball during Monday’s game that hit Zac Rosscup in the hand.

“I don’t watch, I’m Sergeant Schultz when it comes to that stuff man, I didn’t even know what was going on. I swear I didn’t know what was going on.”

The Cubs manager said he knows the guys in the bullpen have to be a little crazy to do their job.

Most managers would likely put a quick end to a game that puts players health at risk, especially after it makes rounds through the media. However, Maddon has no problem letting his guys have a little fun down the line.

Joe Maddon on protective netting

Maddon has a similar thought process when it comes to fans watching the game. During the radio interview, Maddon again said that he doesn’t think fans need protective netting down the foul line.

Over the weekend, a Cubs fan was hit by a foul ball and needed to be taken off the field in a stretcher.