2020 U.S. Senate Candidate Questionnaires - Illinois

Coverage of the 2020 Illinois primary election races for the U.S. Senate, including candidate questionnaires.

He says the CARES Act is an example of making the government even bigger, which is “digging future generations deeper into debt.”
Asked about police reform, he says the federal government must stop supplying surplus military hardware to local police.
He wants the federal government to fund more job training programs and invest in business development “in our poorest communities.”
He believes the economy needs to open up “completely except in locations with a high level of hospitalizations and/ or deaths” from COVID-19.
To boost the economy, he wants small businesses to have more access to capital and an infrastructure package “that will help put people back to work.”
Her top legislative priorities include taxes and the elimination of wasteful spending.
His top legislative priorities include eliminating the progressive income tax and dividing Illinois into smaller states.
His top priorities include immigration, health care and growing the economy.