After running Chicago Marathon, keep moving!

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Runners fill the streets during the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. | Nam Y. Huh/AP

Hey, you completed the Chicago Marathon! Congratulations!

But you’re not curled up on the couch today, watching a marathon of talk shows, are you?

And if you are, get up! Move!

Kristen Heckert and Mike Lucchesi, the two Chicago Marathon veterans who gave advice last week on how to finish a marathon, now have some recommendations for the day after.

Heckert, who was the first Illinois woman to finish the Chicago Marathon — at 2.42:32 — for the third year in a row (that qualified her for the Olympic trials), plans to do a short jog today. “I feel better if I kinda move around; I recover quicker,” she says.

Lucchesi, the head of the New Balance team, agrees. This isn’t the time to sit back. By the afternoon, get in a light swim, even a 20-minute walk will help, according to Lucchesi.

Moving helps the body recover. “You did put it through a very intense ordeal the day before,” says Lucchesi.

“If you have the financial means,” schedule a massage, Lucchesi says.

Or, use a foam roller to work out the tight spots. Here’s some advice on how to do that.

Use the off-season to build muscle and strength by hitting the weight room, pool or bike. And, if during your performance you felt hampered by, say, a weak hamstring, figure out why it’s that way, Lucchesi advises.

But most of all, revel in your success, he says.

“One in 24,000 ever finish a marathon. That’s a huge accomplishment.”

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