Scottie Pippen’s former financial adviser found guilty of bank fraud

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Scottie Pippen’s former financial advisor was found guilty Friday of five counts of bank fraud for crimes, including taking advantage of the former Chicago Bulls star.

Robert Lunn, 64, was hired by Pippen in 2000, but falsified Pippen’s signature on a series of extensions to a $1.4 million loan he’d used for his own purposes.

A jury deliberated for a day at the end of a week-long trial before convicting him Friday afternoon.

Pippen, 49, won an $11.8 million civil judgement against Lunn a decade ago, but his “losses exceed by millions of dollars the amount” he recovered after Lunn filed for bankruptcy in 2005, court papers state.

He testified for prosecutors earlier this week that he “didn’t pay much attention,” to the loan documents until a “red flag” was raised and he had made it clear he would not sign any more documents for Lunn.

“My relationship with Mr. Lunn was pretty much over at that point,” he testified.

Lunn, who was also convicted of fraudulently obtaining other loans unrelated to Pippen, faces up to 30 years in prison plus substantial fines when he is sentenced.

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