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Expert: Blood on Miner’s clothes matches that of victim

Blood found on the clothes of Joshua Miner matched the blood of one of his alleged victims in a double murder in Joliet, according to an Illinois State Police forensic scientist.

Kelly Krajnik was the main witness Friday during an abbreviated session in Miner’s trial for the murders of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22, who were beaten, robbed and strangled after being lured to a house in the 1100 block of Hickory Street. The trial was adjourned before noon because a prosecution witness was not available until Monday.

Miner, 26, is charged in Will County Circuit Court with first-degree murder, one of four people who were charged in the January 2013 killings.

Krajnik testified Friday that she matched DNA from blood collected from Rankins’ body by a deputy coroner with that of two bloodstains cut from Miner’s clothes.

On Thursday, prosecutors showed a videotape of the police interrogation of Miner shortly after he was arrested, and he admits on the tape that the blood on his pants and shirt was likely that of Rankins.

Also Thursday, a fingerprint analysis expert testified that prints pulled from plastic garbage bags placed over the heads of the dead bodies matched Miner’s prints.

During cross-examination by Miner’s attorney on Friday, Krajnik confirmed that Rankins’ blood also was found on the clothes and shoes of Alisa Massaro, who was Miner’s girlfriend at the time. The murders took place at her father’s house, according to prosecutors.

In the police videotape played in court Thursday, Miner says the four stole $110, cocaine and marijuana from the victims after they were killed.

Massaro, 20, was charged with murder but pleaded guilty in May to robbery and concealing a homicide and agreed to testify against the others. She will receive a 10-year prison term, according to the plea agreement.

Circuit Court Judge Gerald Kinney last month found Bethany McKee, 20, guilty of murder. She is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 16 and faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.

The fourth defendant, Adam Landerman, the son of a Joliet police officer, is awaiting trial.

Kinney also is hearing the case against Miner. The trial continues on Monday.