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Suit: UPS delivery man injured after dog chase

An insurance company that paid to cover a UPS worker’s injuries after a dog chased him and made him trip is suing for compensation from the animal’s owners.

George Staples was working for UPS while delivering a package in the 5100 block of South Luna on Sept. 25, 2012, according to the suit, filed Thursday in the Cook County Circuit Court.

But shortly after Staples rang the home’s doorbell, a dog busted through the screen door and chased after him, causing Staples to fall and injure his leg, the suit said.

Following his injury, Staples was paid about $53,000 by UPS’ insurance provider, Liberty Mutual, for medical expenses and worker’s compensation, according to the lawsuit. Now, the insurance company is seeking reimbursement from the dog owners, claiming their animal is responsible for Staples’ injury, the suit said.

The three-count suit accuses the couple of negligence, saying they failed to propertly supervise and restrain their dog.

The suit also claims premises liability and violations of the Illinois Animal Control Act, and is seeking $53,163.92.

Calls made to UPS and Liberty Mutual were not immediately returned Thursday evening.