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Obama to meet with Rauner, five other new governors

WASHINGTON — Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner and five other newly elected governors — a mix of Democrats and Republicans — will meet with President Barack Obama Friday at the White House to discuss federal-state partnerships to “promote economic opportunity.” The incoming governors will also meet with Vice President Joe Biden.

A White House official told the Sun-Times, “on Friday, the president will meet with newly elected governors from across the country to discuss the ways in which the administration can partner with states in promoting economic opportunity and expanding security for middle class Americans. The president and the incoming governors will discuss how we can build on our growing economy by creating more jobs and ensuring that every American who works hard has an opportunity to succeed.”

Having the economy the meeting topic with the governors — rather than on divisive topics where state and federal interests intersect, such as immigration or Obamacare — will make it easier for Obama and this new crop of governors to find common ground.

The expected group:

  • Governor Bill Walker of Alaska
  • Governor-elect Bruce Rauner of Illinois
  • Governor-elect Larry Hogan of Maryland
  • Governor-elect Charlie Baker of Massachusetts
  • Governor-elect Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania
  • Governor-elect Greg Abbot of Texas