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Top 10 Bears coaching candidates

Like Jay Cutler did the day before, Brandon Marshall praised Mike Shanahan — the Oak Park native known to have interest in the Bears vacancy — on Monday,

“I loved playing for him,” the Bears receiver, speaking on his weekly ESPN 1000 radio show, said of playing for Shanahan in Denver. “He’s one of those guys that, if you do your job and you’re being a man, he’s going to treat you like a man and you’re going to love it.”

He’s just one coaching candidate the Bears’ next general manager should consider, though the team said it could hire a coach first.

Here are 10 to watch:

Mike Shanahan — The two-time Super Bowl champion drafted Cutler and has said he has “all the intangibles” to be successful.

Rex Ryan — Fired by the Jets on Monday, Buddy’s son has a defensive pedigree and would bring toughness.

Todd Bowles — The defensive coordinator helped resurrect the Cardinals, and has been mentored by Bruce Arians, a finalist for the job given to Trestman.

Darrell Bevell — The Seahawks’ offensive coordinator was one of three finalists for Trestman’s job last time.

Adam Gase — The 36-year-old Broncos offensive coordinator is considered one of the best young minds in the game.

Mike Singletary — The former Bears great — now an advisor in the league office —wants back into coaching after going 18-22 in three seasons with the 49ers.

Dan Quinn — Seattle’s defensive coordinator has assembled one of the best units in recent history.

Teryl Austin — The Lions’ defensive coordinator has given up 17.6 points per game, but would the Bears actually copy their divisional rivals?

Jack Del Rio — His head coaching experience — with the Jaguars from 2003-11 — must appeal to a team pledging to be different.

Josh McDaniels — Remember when Cutler demanded a trade from him? He’s now the Patriots’ offensive coordinator.