Early Returns

Some news outlets reported in Friday’s editions about prep drug testing.

Seems as though some Texas officials are underwhelmed by the findings after the first year after only two student-athletes out of more than 10,000 tested were caught with banned substances in their bodies.

Two other states that have data also reported low positive tests. New Jersey and Florida each had one athlete busted for doping.

At least to me, that appears as if testing is working as a deterrent.

But Indiana, a state that was considering a testing program, now is backing off. According to USA Today’s story, Bobby Cox, the state’s assistant commissioner, had this to say: “We’re not against steroid testing. You look at Florida and New Jersey, and they have two positive tests. Is it really worth it to put that much money to get that kind of return?”

I’m confused by this statement. If Indiana is to test, are they hoping to catch 1,000, 2,000 cheaters? Why is not OK to have zero? Isn’t that the ultimate endgame?

Equally as unimpressed as Indiana, Florida has decided to quit its program after one year.

The IHSA begins its first year of testing this fall. I look forward to the reactions here.

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