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Blazers’ Kaitlyn Aylward blisters Ramblers with 17 points in first quarter

Trinity’s 47-45 win over Loyola began with a dream quarter for junior Kaitlyn Aylward.

The Blazers’ power forward was a perfect 5-for-5 on two-point baskets in the first quarter of Saturday afternoon’s game. Aylward also drained a three-pointer near the top of the key that showed why it’s so difficult for opposing power forwards to guard her.

Then, as the quarter was about to end, Aylward got the ball with about five seconds left, took one dribble and launched a shot from half court. Her three-pointer, fittingly, found the bottom of the net to cap a personal 17-point quarter that helped Trinity (17-1, 6-0 GCAC) take a 22-8 lead.