Wednesday Letters: Shame all around in McDonald case

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Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez describes the dash cam video of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke on Tuesday. | Ashlee Rezin/For the Sun-Times

Shame on Anita Alvarez. Consistently doesn’t press charges until public pressure forces her to do so.

Shame on Rahm Emanuel for doing a total reversal once the court-ordered release of the the dash cam video.

Shame on the Chicago Police Department for being so slow in its investigation.

At this time, it appears a Chicago police officer made a very bad decision based on his fears. Yes, Laquan McDonald was breaking the law, but he did not deserve to die.

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At a time when when the image of all police officers is at an all-time low, the thing needed the most being open and honest. When these cover-ups continue to occur the image of all police officers and police departments are tarnished. If you want to gain the trust of the people they serve, you must first prove you deserve that trust.

Art Carpenter, Clearing


According to the local news, the officer involved in the Laquan McDonald case was indicted for murder. The timing is very interesting. The same week the dash cam video is released, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez charges the officer?

Charging the officer with murder would have nothing to do with her running for re-election would it? The district attorney in Baltimore overcharged six officers to stop the rioting. Is Anita Alvarez overcharging this officer to prevent a riot?

Richard Barber, Mount Greenwood

A political job

What kind of job do you get for $15,000? The expected yearly salary would be at least $150,000. For that 10 percent, you get an executive position that will entitle you to seek recovery of your initial costs from subordinates or clients. Knowledge of the functions of the office you are seeking is not required, but what is required is political loyalty. After proving your loyalty by devoting at least one day a week to the party you may reach the high exalted position of Phantom Payroller just stopping in your office to pick up your check and purchase tickets to party golf outings or campaign events.John Culloton, Norwood ParkExcessive taxes

On Nov. 18, the Cook County Board passed its Fiscal Year 2016 budget, which included four new taxes: 1) A hotel tax, 2) An ammunition tax, 3) An e-cigarette and e-liquid tax, and 4) a ticket re-sellers tax. The new taxes place a greater financial burden on the businesses of these four industries and Cook County taxpayers.

I voted “No” on all four tax proposals as well as the budget because I fundamentally disagree with the continuous creation of new taxes, which I believe will negatively impact our local economy and taxpayers. As a small business owner, I know first-hand the taxation pressures placed upon businesses in Cook County and the negative impact it can have on residents.

Moreover, these new taxes will have a direct impact on the suburban 17th District in particular as the district shares nearly 40 miles of border with DuPage and Will counties. These new taxes are on top of the 1 percent sales tax increase passed just four months ago. We know from experience that these new taxes will put businesses in the 17th District at an economic disadvantage against neighboring businesses just a short drive across the county line.

Raising taxes can no longer be the primary remedy to addressing fiscal matters because creating new revenue streams inevitably leads to new spending. Our path to fiscal stability needs to be built squarely around strong fiscal reform policies across all areas of Cook County government along with fostering a positive economic environment where businesses can thrive.

I look forward to working with my County Board colleagues and President Toni Preckwinkle’s administration to create new and innovative reforms and establish more quantifiable measures to continue to move Cook County government in the right fiscal direction.

Sean M. Morrison, Cook County commissioner, 17th District

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