Sneed: City Treasurer Kurt Summers being groomed for future mayoral run

SHARE Sneed: City Treasurer Kurt Summers being groomed for future mayoral run
SHARE Sneed: City Treasurer Kurt Summers being groomed for future mayoral run

Behind the scenes . . .

Top Dem sources tell Sneed fiscal whiz/city Treasurer Kurt Summers, 35, is being groomed for a future mayoral run by powerhouse African-American heavyweights in the business community — with a nod from Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

• To wit: Summers, who had been Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s chief of staff until leaving to join Grosvenor Capital Management — which is run by Rahm’s close buddy, Michael Sacks — was appointed treasurer by Rahm after the abrupt departure of Stephanie Neely last year (Sneed scoop) with that groominggame plan in mind.

• Fact: Preckwinkle, who dislikes Emanuel, may have yet to endorse a mayoral candidate — but Summers was her protege and Emanuel appears to be the front-runner.

• Fact: Summers has a Harvard business pedigree and was raised in Bronzeville by his grandfather, Sam Patch, who was one of Mayor Harold Washington’s top political advisers.

• The Preckwinkle wrinkle: Dem prognosticators also tell Sneed that if Preckwinkle decides she wants to run for mayor in four years, she would ostensibly not want to give mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia the upper hand now.

• The Preckwinkle wrinkle II: Sneed has already reported that Preckwinkle hopes to replace Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, a Hispanic, with attorney Kim Foxx, her chief of staff and sidekick in cleaning up the Cook County court system. Endorsing Garcia, who is Hispanic, is ostensibly a vote for Alvarez — whom he supports.

So on and on it goes. And where it stops nobody knows.

Chuy, Grumpy and cha-cha-cha . . .

Mayor Emanuel, the rough-talking ruffian, and Chuy Garcia, who is described as a nice, low-key, sweet guy who disdains swearing, have one thing in common.

They both love to dance.

• To wit:Emanuel once studied ballet; Garcia apparently cuts a mean rug.

The Meeks man . . .

So who will powerhouse pastor and chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education — James Meeks, who backed Rahm’s good buddy Bruce Rauner for governor — endorse?

• Pssst! The pickup: Sneed hears Meeks was spotted huddling with Rahmon Monday.

A Jackson jot . . .

It’s no surprise that the Rev. Jesse Jackson is backing mayoral hopeful Chuy Garcia instead of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

• Buckshot: Emanuel is this/close to President Barack Obama, who has basically ignored Jackson since becoming president.

There ya go.

Daley schmooze . . .

Shake & quake: Former Mayor Richard M. Daley and his brother, Cook County Board Commissioner John Daley, may be backing Rahm Emanuel for re-election, but the Rahmster was reportedly looking none-too-pleased at the Daleys shaking Chuy Garcia’s hand when exiting the funeral service for baseball great Minnie Minoso at Holy Family Church on Saturday.

• Glove shot: “Rahm was just in front of Chuy and Rich and John when the handshake occurred,” a Sneed spotter said. “But, in fairness, the Daleys always reach across the aisle to shake a hand.”

Heading west . . .

Rapper Kanye West, also known as Kim Kardashian’s husband, had a relatively humble list of demands before his March 2 lecture at Oxford University in the U.K., according to the student newspaper “The Tab.”

Kanye requested:

• Volvic water bottles with the labels removed

• A small veggie platter

• Hummus

• Hot water and a small variety of tea bags

• Double espresso

• Raw asparagus

• A full-sized mirror

A full sized mirror? Be still my tongue.

Teeing off Tiger?

Pro-golfing legend Tiger Woods, who loves hanging out with Michael Jordan, will open his first restaurant in Florida later this spring, but he can’t use his full name in the restaurant title — because Nike owns the rights to the name Tiger Woods, according to a report in Golf magazine.

• Hence, the new eatery’s name is The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club. But it will contain Tiger’s own private elevator.

Sneedlings . . .

Wednesday’s birthdays: Bobby McFerrin, 65; Lisa Loeb, 47, and Sam Donaldson, 81.

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