Still time for Chicago Flower & Garden Show

SHARE Still time for Chicago Flower & Garden Show
SHARE Still time for Chicago Flower & Garden Show

PHOTO: One of the fairy houses outside the Tiny House at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, which ends Sunday (March 22).

Enjoy a taste of spring and the gardening possibilities ahead at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show.

The annual show wraps up on Sunday (March 22) at Navy Pier, and I’m going to give you a tip: arrive early so you can be there when they roll up the entry doors. As the gate rises, this sea of flowers and greenery slowly comes into view. It’s a green-lover’s delight.

The show promotes gardening of all types and green living indoor and out. You can be the owner of a couple acres or a couple porch containers and you will come away with ideas. I know I did.

Oh, and did I mention, it just smells so good and fresh in there?

It’s very interactive, too. As I was writing at one of the gardens, a worker reminded me that by downloading their app I could get pictures of all the flowers and foliage this garden used.

During my time there I’d say the biggest crowd-drawer was the Tiny House in the Big (Little) Garden designed by horticultural students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. (Tiny Houses are super popular these days. I have so many friends yearning for one — although I keep wondering where they will put all their shoes. But I digress.) Don’t miss the sweet fairy houses within the gardens, also created by the students.

The re-created gardens are from locations near (The rooftop garden at the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital, for example) or far (The Piece of Ireland setting from Cotswold Gardens Ltd.). And as I said, I got a number of ideas. I am going to try to make myself use more colorful foliage this year for a little more variety. I liked the garden spot that used a $4 black sink to start a setting. Fun idea. (And I wish I could remember which garden I saw that in; sorry!)

When your children start getting antsy about walking through gardens, head over to the kids interactive garden, which offers a number of activities to keep the younger crowd busy.

And here’s something for those of you who were glued to the TV watching the “The Great British Baking Show.” Come out and see real bakers in action. The Retailers Baking Association commands the stage Saturday and Sunday when it hosts the National Cake Decorating Competition.

There are a host of speakers who will be on hand who will be giving advice as well as interactive workshops.

All in all a lovely way to gain some greenery knowledge.

To find out more about the show, visit the website here.

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