Dirty Chicago cop begs break in 40-year prison sentence

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Corrupt cop Eural Black is begging the federal court in Chicago to slash the 40-year prison sentence he received after he was convicted at trial in 2007, pointing out that four other dirty colleagues received much lighter sentences when they pleaded guilty.

Black, now 51, was in a band of Englewood tactical officers who robbed drug dealers of narcotics, weapons and cash during traffic stops. They were also accused of breaking into homes to extort cash from victims. Black said “police corruption is a serious crime,” but his sentence was “too long” compared with the 25 years ringleader Broderick Jones received — or the even lighter sentences other crew members got.

“The choices I made have ruined my life and my marriage,” Black wrote to the judge last month from federal prison in West Virginia. “After being a good police officer so many years, it was too painful for me to admit that I was now a corrupt police officer. I never should have went to trial, but I was arrogant and ignorant.”

Jones, nicknamed “Thirsty,” was among the corrupt Chicago Police officers who testified against Black at his trial. Black’s lawyer argued he was only trying to get ahead in his career and took information from Jones to find big drug cases and make legitimate busts.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors recently filed papers to seize property from Jones and co-defendant Corey Flagg to satisfy court judgments against them. Both men have expensive watches and other jewelry the government wants. Among the valuables is Jones’ gold Chicago Police Department medallion, according to court records.

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