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The Dance Mile is all about fun

PHOTO: The Dance Mile in Chicago last year. You can join the fun this year on May 30.

“Why run when you can dance?”

Is that a great motto or what?! Someone put that on a poster for me.

Those are the words to live by from The Dance Mile, which shimmies and shakes its way into Chicago on May 30.

The Dance Mile is all about fun. Streets adjacent to Chicago Journeyman Plumbers Hall (1340 W. Washington) will be roped off. The route is below.

And what does everyone do? They follow the advice of Martha and the Vandellas and start dancing in the streets.

Rain or shine, participants move like Jagger down the 5,280 feet that make up a mile (no, I didn’t figure out that math; the organizers did). You just get out there and dance to the moving DJ’s playlist.

Activities begin with getting your event bib. And then what? You bedazzle it, of course!

The warmup includes Zumba (what else!) and dance acts before The Dance Mile kicks off.

For those with the need for speed, keep in mind The Dance Mile moves at about 1 mph. (Which is exactly why the Type A’s among us should do it; it’ll show you how much fun it is when you slow down and enjoy yourself. But I digress.)

Afterwards (it takes about an hour for the crowd to dance their way a mile) there are more acts to watch and contests. Eventually participants will be encouraged to meet up with others to dance at a nearby club.

No infants, toddlers or dogs. You can bring kids 5-12, but parents have to be in their area to supervise them (better option, find a baby sitter, if you ask me). Dancers 13 and up can be in on the main action.

Go here to find out more and to register. (Price go up after Friday. May 15.) If you use the coupon code “morningdance” you’ll get $10 off tickets. Good deal!