Tom Thibodeau, Bulls saga grows more confusing by the day

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The Tom Thibodeau saga with the Bulls has become quite interesting. Er, confusing.

Actually, both.

It all seemed so simple a few months ago: Tom doesn’t like bosses. Bosses don’t like Tom. Tom finds another job. Bosses replace Tom.

Smart money had Thibodeau going to either the Pelicans or the Magic.

Yet, the Pelicans seem to like Warriors assistant Alvin Gentry.

Then, there’s the job that has been open for a while in Orlando. Some reports have the Magic willing to pay $7 to $9 million annually for Thibs’ services, almost double what he makes from the Bulls.


If that’s true, and if Thibs so despised life with the Bulls, why isn’t he atop Willis Tower screaming, “I’m going to Disney World.”

Something ain’t right here.

Fred Hoiberg, Bulls rumors leave Iowa State waitingThe latest rumor on Thursday has Thibs going to the Lakers, I guess to become Kobe’s assistant.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak put it all in perspective.

To repeat: “That’s what agents do. They try to create a marketplace for their guy.”

Think about that. Think about why Fred Hoiberg has been radio silent at Iowa State. Think about why any NBA team would give up compensation if the Bulls are apparently so eager to part ways with Thibs.

It could be the reason for the recent report on how Thibs might want to stay with the Bulls.

Busy marketplace.

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