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Grayslake family wins $35K in Monopoly contest at Jewel-Osco

A north suburban woman found a great way to shake up the weekly trip to the grocery — she found a $35,000 prize inside her bag.

Jen Roberts went to her local Jewel-Osco in Grayslake on April 9 to pick up things for dinner, and came back with a winning Monopoly piece for the store’s Shop, Play & Win Game, according to a statement from the grocery chain.

After unpacking her groceries, she opened the pieces and was shocked to find the one missing marker to win a $35,000 vehicle of her choice.

Jen Roberts called her husband, Keith, at work and as soon as he got home they took the board back to Jewel-Osco to find out if they could believe what they were seeing.

“I think I’ve won,” she told the manager, who confirmed the prize and submitted it for validation.

On Saturday, the couple and their four children celebrated by picking up a check at the store, where they are regular shoppers, and also found cake and flowers waiting. The couple hasn’t yet decided how to spend the money, but Jen Roberts said the kids “have made lots of suggestions.”