Is Matthew Dellavedova better than Kirk Hinrich?

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Is Matthew Dellavedova a better player than Kirk Hinrich? | Getty Images

Sam Smith of wrote about an interesting topic that was broached by a reader. The reader wondered if peak Kirk Hinrich or even today’s Hinrich was better than Matthew Dellavedova.

The veteran Bulls writer gave an answer that Bulls might debate:

I don’t believe that’s been a big topic at the Finals. But Kirk was a lottery pick, all-league defender and invited to play for USA Basketball, though he wasn’t able to in a contract year. Dellavedova has done well and deserves the credit he’s gotten, but we know what he is, a limited role player who works hard. These are the sorts of things that happen in the Finals because there are just two teams left and everyone is watching and everything is over analyzed and projected beyond reason. It also demonstrates why your average GM isn’t smarter than you, but just was luckier, and probably because he may have been a former player or knew one. We saw this for many years with the Bulls. Jud Buechler would make some shots in the Finals, or Luc Longley or Scott Williams and have a big run and win some games. And then they’d be free agents and they’d get big offers and good for them. But suddenly they are not playing with Michael Jordan like Dellavedova is playing with LeBron James and defenses can react to them and they are asked to do it on a regular basis and that’s not who they are.

It’s definitely a comparison that has had fans talking.

For Sam Smith’s complete mailbag, CLICK HERE.

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