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Michael Jordan's 'Jumpman' gets Blood Moon treatment

The Moon glowed with a reddish hue Sunday night. There were many interpretations of the blood-colored moon, but most people labeled it as “the super blood moon lunar eclipse.”

As with many world-wide events, the world of Twitter had to offer its takes on the Blood Moon. The results were varied and comical — a usual for social media.

However, none may be as iconic as the symbol Michael Jordan is known for dunking the red moon.

MJ dunked a lot of basketballs in his life (he may have dunked a few baseballs during his time in the majors), but if any basketball player would have the legacy great enough to attempt dunking the Blood Moon he would be the guy.

Unfortunately, the next time we see the Moon like this, Jordan will be much older. The last time this type of eclipse happened was in 1982, and it won’t happen again until 2033.