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Video: Starlin Castro dive-and-throw draws applause from Reds

Starlin Castro has been the hottest member of a scorching hot Cubs team. As good as the team has been, Castro has been better.

Wednesday night, he had it going on all cylinders. Offensively, he hit 4 pitches for hits, including a home run. Defensively, he played so well he received some claps from Cincinnati Reds Brayan Pena.

After the play, Pena clapped in respect to a stellar throw.

The Cubs rode Castro’s performance to a 10-2 victory over Cincy. Pitcher Jon Lester increased his record to 10-11 on eight innings of 3-hit baseball.

The North Siders are playing inspired baseball and having fun while doing it. Manager Joe Maddon’s decision to spread the playing time love around may prove to be useful down the road.