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The party’s over: 4 tips for hangover relief

It’s so easy to be over-served on New Year’s Eve. Everyone’s drinking and celebrating and you just fall in with the crowd. Who hasn’t done that, right?

But now it’s New Year’s Day and wow, do you feel lousy.

So what do you do next?

For starters, drink water. Despite all that alcohol that went into you last night, there’s a good chance you are dehydrated. Can’t handle water? (Boy, you really had a good time, didn’t you?) Then sip some herbal tea. Slowly.

Toast! No, not as in another celebratory group drink. (You did enough of that last night, pal.) Have a slice of dry toast or nibble on crackers.

Move! Nothing big, more like a short walk. The fresh air outside probably will make you feel better.

Sleep. You didn’t do enough of that last night, did you? If you can, go back to bed.

That’s about it for real cures. Forget what anyone else has told you about drinking more booze or eating a big, rich breakfast or going for a sauna to combat a hangover. All of those could very well make you feel worse. And you sure don’t need that now.

Remember, tomorrow will be a better day.