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Richard Dent ranked among worst Super Bowl MVPs

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Being named one of the “worst Super Bowl MVPs” is kind of like being one of the least wealthy Kardashians: It’s a bit of an oxymoron.

But Richard Dent’s ranking in a new ESPN list shows the that 1985 Bears – considered by some to be the greatest team ever assembled – were truly a sum of their parts.

The list, which ranks every MVP from the first Super Bowl to the most recent, ranks Dent 42nd of 49.


Dent collected 2.5 sacks, forced two fumbles and batted down a pass for the Bears’ famed 1985 defense during their 46-10 demolition of New England. The Patriots totaled only 123 yards, and their starting quarterback, Tony Eason, took three sacks and failed to complete any of his six pass attempts before veteran Steve Grogan replaced him behind center. Dent had led the NFL with 17 sacks during the regular season. The Bears outscored their three postseason opponents 91-10, allowing only 31 first downs.

If the MVP Award could have ben given to Chicago’s entire defense, they would surly rank higher on the list, which is topped by famed 49ers quarterback Joe Montana for his Super Bowl XXIV performance.

Check out the complete rankings here.

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