Editorial: Cubs fans celebrate with class

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Chicago Cubs fans celebrate after they beat the Dodgers 5-0 at Wrigley Field to win the National League Championship Series, Saturday night, Oct. 22, 2016.. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

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Good job there, Cub fans.

About 300,000 of you poured into the streets outside Wrigley Field on Saturday after the Cubs won the National League championship, and how many of you behaved like such goofs that the police had to arrest you?


More people have been arrested at a wedding.

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“The Cubs took care of their business, and the fans took care of their business,” Rich Guidice, first deputy of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, told us Monday.

And, we might add, the Chicago Police took care of business. They set up a forward command post at Wrigley Field, stationed officers everywhere, and projected a respectful but firm vibe. They worked with the CTA to get a sense of how many fans were pouring in and to make sure they all went home safely.

It helped that the police had been through this before, cranking up security for concerts at Wrigley and the Pride Parade, and even for contentious games between the Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. The police know every bar owner along Clark Street.

One fellow was arrested for the unlawful sale of tickets, another for disorderly conduct, two more for obstruction of traffic, a fourth for reckless conduct, and the sixth for “resisting/obstructing,” which can mean many things, none horrible.

The Cubs as a whole are good bunch of guys. That mattered on Saturday, too. The Cubs send out a positive vibe which, as fans of any sports team know, can be contagious.

Here’s hoping for a repeat — more fun and good sense — when the Cubs win it all.

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