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Editorial: Alderman, we don’t quake in fear of Donald Trump

The Chicago City Council voted to remove the Trump Plaza Honorary sign on East Illinois and North Wabash. Over the weekend, city workers removed the two remaining honorary "Trump Plaza" street signs. | Santiago Covarrubias/Sun-Times

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Ald. Pat O’Connor, what town did you grow up in?

You sure don’t come off like a lifelong Chicagoan when you say the City Council made a mistake by voting to tear down the honorary “Trump Plaza” street sign because you worry that Donald Trump will retaliate if he wins the presidency.

We thought Chicago was tougher than that.


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“If you put a guy like Trump in the office, with whom we have an absolutely terrible relationship, any discretion that he could exercise that would hurt us, I think he would,” you said Wednesday, the Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman reported.

We said weeks ago that it wasn’t worth the bother to take down the Trump sign. It’s a petty move, and frankly, the City Council has more important stuff on its agenda.

Forty-seven aldermen signed the proposed ordinance back in early October. O’Connor was one of them. The ordinance passed 44-0. O’Connor voted for it. There’s no turning back.

But now O’Connor thinks it’s a mistake, apparently because polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning are slipping since FBI Director James Comey told Congress he’s looking into Clinton’s email scandal again because of new emails the agency found.

A Trump presidency could cost Chicago millions, maybe $1 billion, in federal transportation dollars if he decides to get even, O’Connor said. That’s a good guess considering Trump is pretty small-minded.

But Chicago isn’t afraid of Trump. He has insulted Chicago by comparing it to a war-torn country. He also has offended women, immigrants, Muslims, former prisoners of war and the disabled.

This great city certainly doesn’t cower against bullies like the Donald.

O’Connor is the City Council floor leader for Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He represents a blend of cultures, including Latinos and Asians, that make up the 40th Ward on the Far North Side.

He should act accordingly.

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